News: Red Dead Most Popular Game Since MW:2

Red Dead Most Popular Game Since MW:2

Red Dead Most Popular Game Since MW:2

Check out this article from the LA Times that picks through how awesome Red Dead Redemption is for its creators Take Two.

Take Two hadn't produced any hits beyond the Grand Theft Auto series. It's been fighting to stay in the black since the last GTA game debuted in 2008.

As of June 7, 2010, Red Dead Redemption has sold over 5 million units. Coolest part? Red Dead Redemption is also one of the only successful "original" games  in years. Like the movie industry, top earners have mostly come from pre-existing brands like Modern Warfare (which ironically before it became its own brand, borrowed from the clout of Tom Clancy), brands like LEGO and Star Wars, and obviously, back to Take Two's only other success, the greatly serialized GTA.

Source: LATimesBlog

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5 million? Wow. Sales results for May have actually been delayed 1 month so we won't know the exact figure until mid July which is a shame.

I'm really surprised at how big a hit it is. My friends list is divided in people playing Red Dead and people playing Modern Warfare. Originally in an interview before the game was released, Rockstar mentioned that they didn't expect the game to do as well as the GTA series but this game is probably way past what GTA 4 sold in it's first month.

Will this guarantee another western? Probably, especially now that Rockstar knows there is a market for epic western games. They can make any period into a sandbox games as long as there are guns I think. That's been the perfect combo for sandbox games: freedom and guns. Oh, and the ability to be able to run over things.

I bet it has something to do with the fact that you can mount a woman like a donkey :-)

i guess that makes it the only time gamers can ride anything

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