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Forum Thread: Ability to bookmark

Ability to bookmark/save forum posts for future referenceadd the ability to bookmark forum posts for future reference. That way, you can go back a few weeks later and find them. www.clothingmallsale.com www.manwearuk.com

Forum Thread: Do you make gaming videos

Ladies and Gentlemen of the gaming community, you have many gaming related video tutorials on this website that I have personally used. I would like to introduce you to a new additional website that has just launched into beta, which may benefit you all by allowing you to further the reach of your videos. Leetvid also offers the option to embed your video.

Forum Thread: What are you playing, June 2011

The game of the month has to be Minecraft. There is some serious addiction going on here. My current project is building a huge museum of sciences, where people can go and see how things work:music boxes, light loops, the distance that a gold rail will carry you, etc.. That way if someone has a question, they can pop in and see a live example. I'm still creating the foundation for the building, my guess is  it will be a few weeks before it's fully finished.

Forum Thread: iPhone 4 recall/free bumpers

Since we've all been laughing out our asses at Apple for the past few days - anyone have any thoughts about Apple's conference where they announced that they would give out free bumpers and refund dissatisfied iPhone 4 customers? Note: you have until Sept 30 to return it.

Forum Thread: Lol Friday

It's certainly lolcat worthy.You know when you just want to go home and think you might have an hr or two of strait gaming bliss without interruptions? That would have been nice today.I finally got the Starcraft beta code, and the patches are still not done right now! I left the computer on at night and when I woke up, it told me the SC2 patch uploader crashed half way. So much for a quick SC2 Beta impressions post.I also got a usb video capture doohickie from amazon today. http://www.amazon....

Forum Thread: Hardest system to setup?

Out of the Wii, PS3, and 360, I found them all to be a pain to setup out of the box. For the PS3 and 360, there were about 80 options you needed to setup before you could reach the menu. Create Account, username, password, email, system update, etc.. It just isn't very user friendly to first timers. If you simply wanted to plug it in and play a disc right away you can't. The most frustrating bit was the choosing a username that wasn't taken and typing in an email/pw with the controller.

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