News: Play BF3 Today! (1 day early)

Play BF3 Today! (1 day early)

Play BF3 Today! (1 day early)

Battlefield 3 officially comes out tomorrow but people have figured out a way to play it today if you have it downloaded (digital pre-install). All you have to do is fake an ip to make it look like your timezone is ready to play. I'll try this when I get home, in the meantime:

From Gaf member Valru:

Unlocking BF3 early via Korean Proxy.
1. Run/Login to Origin
2. Run Internet Explorer
2a. Internet Options
2b. Connections Tab
2c. Lan Settings
2d. Check the proxy box and input into the IP box and 3128 into the Port.
2e. Save
3. Run BF3 via Origin (a date verification will run)
4. Once the verification is done go back to IE and disable the proxy so your internet traffic is not routed through it. If you do not disable it you risk your own security.
5. Play BF3

Others have described different methods to make it work, but Valru was the most precise. Anways, enjoy because by tomorrow it won't matter, we'll all be playing BF3!

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It worked perfectly. Playing campaign right now. go internet!

Nice, I don't have Battlefield 3, but this is a pretty cool tip.

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