Dong Dong Never Die: Fight for Laughs!

Fight for Laughs!

Dual nurses? Random transformer shirt guy? White collar fighter? Fatso macho man? Super Mario? Ah, you must be playing Dong Dong Never Die!

Dong Dong Never Die is a free fighting game for the PC. It parodies games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter with a universal humor, in spite of the game being entirely in Chinese. It's not some cheap game made in a week by any means—according to TIGSOURCE, the game took 3 years to make, consisting of 10,000 photos. The game features 36 animated backdrops and 24 unique playable characters.

Download the game here; scroll below the video for some sample stills.

Dong Dong Never Die: Fight for Laughs!

Dong Dong Never Die: Fight for Laughs!

Dong Dong Never Die: Fight for Laughs!

Dong Dong Never Die: Fight for Laughs!

Dong Dong Never Die: Fight for Laughs!

Here is a list of moves (click for larger size):

Dong Dong Never Die: Fight for Laughs!

Check out PC Gamer for more details.

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awesome as usual. glad to have you back jd!

Thanks. Kim promised more bbqs and more play time with Mark. I am not ashamed to write for ribs, they are well worth it.

Awesome! I wonder if it has an English mode?

I looked but didn't find an English patch. It should be fairly simple to play though, since it's a fighting game.

HAHAH That is Awesome :D

Sweeet! Now how do I add myself to the game? Here is a working download link

Thanks for the working link! I updated the article and now it's working properly.

I got errors while unzipping it so I downloaded winrar and it let me unzip despite the errors. Now I have it up and running on my mame cabinet :-D

Wow, post a pic!!

I checked the download and I also got a small error but the game unzipped and runs just fine too. I forgot how zany the game is. I also tried the 360 controller and it worked! stupid of me for not trying the controllers before.

Think that corrupt file caught up to me, I was really far into "story mode" then it crashed while loading the level after the city level with buses and cop cars.

It looks like every download link points to the gamefront download. There is a workaround for the error:
" just copy any other stage file, and rename it "21 HU NAN.stage"
This should fix the broken/missing stage.

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