Left 4 Dead 2 New Content: The Passing

The Passing

New content for our favorite Zombie game! The Passing, released 04/22/2010, bridges the storyline between the first and second game. Free on PC, 540 fairybucks on Xbox 360. We have it downloaded it and ready to go for tonight, we'll write back with impressions!

Left 4 Dead 2 New DLC! The Passing for April 2010!

For those of you new to Left 4 Dead: It's a fun four player game. You play as a team to survive from one stage to the next. Because it's four people playing, the memorable moments don't really come from the success of the team, but from the horrific wipeouts and deaths because of a team member. Remember, people remember you for your idiotic mistakes, not your triumphs.

Right now our four man group consists of:

Markflar: Toasty Kittens useless husband

Kari: The Boss (aka my wife)

Fish: Some random dude from arizona. Very tall, very lanky.

Me!: excessively handsome with a striking personality and grills.

We have been playing this game since the beginning and we are still horrible at it. We don't listen to each other, We shoot each other, get lost, and run to the exit while sacrificing others. I'm so happy.

We'll off to play the new stuff!

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