News: Dance on Broadway! (Wii)

Dance on Broadway! (Wii)

Want to take a break from all that Red Dead redemption stuff? Well Ubisoft, the makers of the hit game Just Dance, is bringing you Dance on Broadway!

Rock band is enough for us truthfully, but seeing people dance to these games never gets old.

I actually really liked their Just Dance commercial:

From the many sponsored dances on youtube, here are some good ones:

they like to do it with other guys..
Pedobear approved

Is this a good or a bad thing? The controller is only being held in one hand taking in a fraction of the movements and the game just assumes you're moving that way. Maybe if it had a camera to record your entire body movements would the scores reflect accurately. Maybe Natal (PS3) or the Eyetoy (360) can bring proper body tracking to the game. These would not be hard games to port at all.

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