News: Kick Ass Game 1st Impressions

Kick Ass Game 1st Impressions

Kiss Ass Game First Impressions

Kick Ass Game 1st Impressions

Review of the game next week. Here are some quick impressions of the game and the first level

  •  Kick ass character can fight. Heavy attacks are useful, light attacks are not.
  • Light, heavy, and special attacks (3 types) for all character. Jump + attack makes the character come down hard on the ground. Stuns enemies.
  • Graphics are much better than the trailer and images on the internet. The trailer on youtube made this look like a DS game. On screen, it looks sharp and colorful.
  • The game is 949 megs in size, $15 to buy.
  • Extras consists of beating levels to get all 8 covers from the comics, the entire first issue of the comic, and movie clips from the game.
  • Gameplay is smooth, it doesn't feel stiff or hard to control.
  • There is slowdown when you take on more than four people at once.
  • You can break and move items in your environment. Impaled an enemy with a forklift by kicking him into it.
  • You can play any level with any of the characters, the cutscenes and objectives stay the same.
  • Big Daddy's light attacks have a small area of effect, so it takes longer to kill multiple enemies.
  • Hit girl has the best light attacks. Lots of fun swinging her very effective weapon. 
  • Not an easy game. Enemies are fast and come at you from all angles. First boss took a few tries to take down.

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That's really rare. Batman: Dark Asylum is the only one in recent memory to do that.

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