News: 3D Dot Heroes Preview

3D Dot Heroes Preview

3D Dot Heroes Preview

Release Date: May 11th, 2010 for the PS3

Official English Trailer

3D Dot Heroes is a homage to the old type of rpgs. Think of it as The Legend of Zelda 3D. It has a very unique and quirky look:

3D Dot Heroes Preview

3D Dot Heroes Preview

3D Dot Heroes Preview

I'm exited for this. I hope it's not too much of a homage because old rpgs benifit from our nostalgia, making it easy to overlook things like a thin story or repetative boring gameplay. This game will not have that advantage. Not asking for a deep or convoluted plot, but there should be enough content to keep it fresh and not let it turn into an endless grindfest.

There is a character editor and you can edit/create your character:

I think I'll create a huge pickachu and roam around that way. No wait, a pedobear! Hm... wait, this is getting somewhat illegal. Maybe just create an overweight guy in a thong. Yes, that's more PG. I mean, who wouldn't you want to strut in any game like this:

3D Dot Heroes Preview

I'll be getting this game next week. I'm a bit weary because Atlus usually publishes games with a heavy grind element, but the developer is From Software, the makers of Demon's Soul. The game is only forty dollars and has an average completion time of around twenty five hours. Once I get my hands of it I'll post videos and impressions.

I'll leave this post with the original trailer for the game:

This trailer has a lot more gameplay than the english trailer

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