News: The Kick Ass Video Game!

The Kick Ass Video Game!

The Kick Ass Game   (PS3, Apple AppStore)

From the Official Website ( ):

• 3 playable characters (Kick-Ass, Big Daddy and Hit Girl)
• 8 missions with multiple environments, bosses and mini-bosses
• Facebook integration and Facebook missions
• Frantic superhero action!
• Environment Interaction and Finishers
• Multiplayer Local Co-op
• Sub-missions and mini-games!
Available on the Playstation Network, iPhone & iTouch!

Did anyone know of the existance of this game? Sad that it's not really a full game, but the inclusion of local co-op has us interested. The game comes out this thursday, and interestingly enough it's basically a PSN exclusive. If it's under twenty dollars we'll give it a try just because we really like the movie.

The facebook missions though.. lol. What's next, Youtube Power-Ups?

And just because the movie trailer was better than the movie, here it is:

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what? did you think the movie wasn't violent enough or something?

did you ever get the feeling that the movie was sponsored by clearasil? Those must have been the most clean and baby faced teenage faces I've ever seen. Where can I attend a high school with a 100% smooth skin attendance rate?

it's called fantasy for a reason.

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