Forum Thread: What are you playing, July 2010 edition

Alright.  Shatter is downright amazing! First thing I want to do when I go home tonight is to crank up the sound on this game and play it until it's time to wash dishes before the wife comes home. Domestication before hobbies I guess.

If you buy it on the PC it supports game pads like the 360 controller right away, and also has a co op mode that we haven't tried. On the PS3 it's said to be 720p and running at 30fps, and you would think on the PC it would be 1080p at 60fps. Actually, the max the game ran for me was at 1080p with a locked 30fps confirmed by using Fraps. It's still great, just curious to why would they look it to 30fps if it could be higher.

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While looking for information on Metro 2033 I ran into some very random things:

1. Sex Tetris.

Wut? There is even a sequel for this game. From the link:

"Sex Tetris" is a variation of the massively popular Russian "Tetris" game. In Tetris the player stacks matching colorful blocks together and tries to stop the blocks from piling up to the top of the screen. In "Sex Tetris" the player attempts to fit people together and if s/he succeeds they copulate and disappear.


Have you ever typed asdfeadf  words into Google by mistake? Well here are my results:

lol at the first two results.

Trine is an interesting game. It's a beautifully fresh take on platforming. Using a Mage, Thief, or Knight, the player solves the obstacles ahead with the unique skills of each character.

At my age, I find most platformers really boring. Lots of times they just copy the basic Super Mario mechanics and just add two or three more moves with environments that are sterile and repetitive. So far in this gaming generation, I've only liked Mirror's Edge in terms of platforming.

This game looks to be better than most. The puzzles are set up so that you can work together in co-op or try to solve it in the character's special way. If you look at the video, there are different ways of solving a problem. My favorite character to control is the Mage because of the items you can posses and move around.

It's hard to tell from a Youtube or screen shot, but the game is gorgeous in both graphics and animation. This game really is a treat to see on TV. We haven't played much of this game, but we'll try to get some good hours in today or tomorrow.

Random Video because a text only post is boring!

Jesus it's hot. We were so used to June gloom that this last week feels like we're always in some sort of oven.

Well it's officially the summer lull, where few releases come out until september. The only major title I can think of is StarCraft 2 next week. I've been looking at some of the youtube offical Startcraft 2 matches and it's depressing to think you'll never get that kind of efficiency.

Been playing a lot of an mmo lately, but it's closed beta and there is an NDA agreement so I can't talk about it. I mean, it literally says I can't. Don't know how serious they are about it, but i'd rather not test the waters.

Other than that I've been playing Trine with my wife. It's a fun couples game I think, but we play so messily that I don't think we are doing it right most of the time. I'm sure some puzzles can be solved flawlessly, but we often find very hard and clumsy solutions to everything. Wow, just like in real life!

With StarCraft 2 coming out next week, I think I'll do a bunch of simple howtos, because the game is just so intimidating. Especially for new players, the game controls and navigations can be daunting. I'm a horrible Starcraft player, and certainly the weakest among my gaming friends in this category. Making these small guides should be fun then, a good way to improve skills for both the writer and the reader.

God it's so hot. We have AC but I'm lazy to turn it on. Maybe I'll just melt in this couch for a couple of hours.

We played a lot of Alien Swarm and Left 4 Dead 2 over the weekend. I've been gaming with Mark, Fish & others for years now and for grown adults, we are terrible. I mean, really bad. Playing with ourselves with normal AI is easier than coordinating ourselves. After two hours of playing we get on each other's nerves so much that we usually call it a night lol. 

On the weekend we couldn't pass the first two campaigns of L4D2, spending an hour on each finale to no avail. With Starcraft 2 coming up, it's going to be hilarious. I also got my wife a copy of Star Craft 2 even though I know that she won't play it much, but if there is any slight possibility that she might play with me, I get that game.

Overall my wife is interesting to watch. She was not a gamer before she met me and the way she approaches things in games is a nice insight to how non gamers might approach problems in games. She loved Gears of War and likes to take cover a lot. She likes to have a safety zone. Once she is safe, if there are grenades in a game, she throws them. I mean, all of them. It's amazing to see explosions go off all the time without managing resources and she gets a real kick out of it. Personally I'm a hoarder, so even with max ammunition, I never waste bombs or grenades.

It took her time to like Left 4 Dead. There is no cover and she was stressed over it. But after a while she found safety within the group and liked it. Once she found the pipe bombs she was in heaven. She throws them every single opportunity she gets. Molotovs are second favorite.

With Star Craft, she likes to use a turtle defense.  She builds defenses all around her and then builds a million tanks. When enemies come and attack she panics a bit. She builds so much inside that most of the time her tanks can't move anywhere, they just dance on the screen. I think it's cute.

Oh what a glorious day. My internets was upgraded at home.

Went from a 2 megs down / .4 up dsl peon connection to a 12mb+ down. ;_; Now my friends won't laugh at me.

  • No more 36 hr downloads of steam games
  • no massive echo in chats.
  • No more interupts in watching netflix. Last week we streamed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it kept breaking every 10 mins. Took an extra hour just to watch it.
  • Even normal youtubes sometimes took time to load. I just watched the DC Universe trailer at 720p with the new connection without delay ^_^
  • The ATT Uverse box has wireless built in, so now I have an extra wireless router.
  • Just in time for Starcraft 2, if it arrives today!

Might as well get used to it but it's going to be Star Craft 2 overload on this site for at least a week or two. The hardcover strategy guide arrived today:

This thing is a monster at 420+ pages. It also includes a "tactical recon stand":

It's a stand with all the maps in the game, useful for a quick look or reference map during a match.

For new players who are serious about the game the guide is worth it. It has a nice beginner section that gives you tip on what to do first and advice from pro gamers on their favorite strategies. I'll give more impressions on the guide once I have a chance to go over it tonight.

We also played our first match yesterday. Mark, myself, and a random person from Battlenet. It was all going fine until the random person turned on us and backstabbed us lol. I'd show you pictures but Starcraft pictures are boring to show, they all look the same. It's like when people show you pictures of their baby, they all look the same and they never look like their parents.

Well that's not the story Mark told me...

Word is that he turned on you specifically because you just sucked that bad.

To be fair he was a jerk for doing it and Mark even tried to talk him out of it...but still! Let's tell the truth here. 

He was just jelaous of my 50+ silos I built non stop. I was just about to build my first barracks when he attacked.. ;_;

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