Call of Duty Black Ops: Maximum Online Players

Seemingly a very easy question, yet I can't find the answer anywhere. I saw someone mentioning 24 max (12 on 12), but that looked to be in the context of consoles.

Does anyone have any detail about it? Would be great if we could list it for each console as well as the PC.

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I found this site, which lists the number of players for co-op play on the PC: 

Online Co-op - 6 players

LAN or System Link - 6 Players


I saw that site but I think (or I HOPE) they're incorrect. There's also this site that says it's 24. I mean it's better than 12 or 18, but 64 would be simple awesome!

Interesting. According to users that already got the game, ranked servers offer up to 18 players per map and non-ranked up to 24. A bit of a disappointment when you're used to 30-40+ people per map, but I may give it a try anyway.


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