Forum Thread: What are you playing, September 2010 Edition

Games we are currently playing this Month:

Starcraft 2

Lord of the Rings Online: Free to Play edition

Random games like the one below.

Just came in today during lunch:

What are you playing, September 2010 Edition

FF13 is 20 bucks at Amazon, which is probably about right for this game. This is the first FF in a long time where so many people, both fans and reviews, just plain didn't like the game. I've played this game earlier last year and just from the first few chapters I can see why: FF is in a rut. The story is still catering to 12 year olds when their initial audience (us) are in their 20's and 30's. There is a serious disconnect there. The linearity and basic game play compared to today's western rpgs (Mass Effect, Witcher, Dragon Age, Fallout 3) really hurt Japan's second most successful rpg series (Dragon Quest being #1). But for 20 bucks I'll give it a try.

What are you playing, September 2010 Edition

I also got a 320gb 7200rpm hard drive for my laptop. My current hard drive is a 80gb/5400rpm and it's always been a pain to fit anything in there. Two games max and some music at best. Not to mention it was so slow that my games never ran well. I'm looking forward to install all my games/pictures/music and not have to worry about management. If you guys remember, I broke the screen for my laptop last month, and the replacement screen will arrive in a few days. I've never replaced a laptop screen so lets see how it goes.

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