Forum Thread: What do you think of the Wii?

I gave the Wii away to my sister a year or two ago. Publicly my reason was that it looked blurry/blockly on my HDTV.

Truthfully, it was because my wife kept beating me at Wii Tennis.

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3 Responses

Needed a second one? Was he alternating between wiis? like use on Mon, Wed, Fri and the other Tues and Thurs? You know, he might need a third one for the weekends!

I agree on the netflix thing. Watching netflix on the tv is amazing, especially if you're lazy about sending the dvds back all the time (like me).

I bought my wife a Wii and the Wii Fit and she is still fat.  The novelty lasted a week or two and then it was just like going to the gym.

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