Forum Thread: Cloud Bookmarks?

Is anyone using the cloud to handle their bookmarks? If so what program and how do you like it?

Is cloud bookmarking a feasible feature or does it still need more improvement?

Chrome has a bookmark sync option that I'm going to try out today, but I was wondering is there was something better or more efficient. Ideally it would also update the bookmarks on my phone too.

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Tried the google chrome sync system to keep my bookmarks organized through multiple computers and it works well enough. Some links I added yesterday at home are now here at work without having to do anything to update.

I guess the next thing to try out is to see which offers a better music and space cloud system: Google or Amazon.

JD you might want to try asking your question on Internoobs - it's geared more towards questions like yours. 

Anyway, where have you been sleeping the past 10 years? There's tons of stuff out there:

  • Delicious - free, they just got sold away from Yahoo and you can just add a tool to your browser, in Chrome or Firefox for easy bookmarking. Tags feature great - this is what I generally use.
  • Pinboard - not social at all, and you have to pay, but apparently people love it.
  • Xmarks - bookmark syncing - a lot of nerds I know use this to sync their bookmarks.

I've been really weary of cloud solutions but I'm starting to cave in. Thinking that my things or settings are stored somewhere else just doesn't sit well with me, that's why I've been extremely late to adopt things like dropbox and other things.

I remembered reading about xmarks a while ago, I'll see if it's easier than what Chrome is doing.

Hey JD,

There's actually a cloud-based app called Zukmo ( that's actually an information management website. It offers a lot more than cloud-based bookmarks but if it's just the convenience of having your bookmarks accessible cross-system that you're looking for, it definitely has you covered.

It goes a step further, if you like, and indexes the full contents of each bookmarked page, uploaded file, and everything else that's put in there, making it fully searchable. It definitely adds value beyond just bookmarking. An android app is slated to be released soon as well.

Cool thanks. That's actually pretty comprehensive. I'll give it a try. Doing a bookmark with google is ok but it is like twice that it has not properly recorded a bookmark in the past week.

Check out marklet (  It's basically a cloud-based bookmarking tool and a sort of home page / start page service rolled in to one.  You basically import your bookmarks from any browser and then create a home page out of them.  Then going forward, you can just use the browser extension (for chrome, firefox, or safari) to add new marklets (bookmarks) to your account.  It works in every mobile browser too.

i'm using, it's great online bookmarks & speed-dial service, store my bookmarks on cloud, cross-browser. Not necessary to sync

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