Forum Thread: Steam Summer Sales June 30th - July 10th 2011

Anyone following this sale as obsessively as I am?

On Steam, the best discounts are given in the Summer and Winter sales. That's really the time to buy. Everyday until the 10th they have new daily deals, further discounting games that are already on sale. It really tests your patience.

I'm keeping an eye for a daily deal on these games: Portal 2, Two Worlds 2, Terrania, Dungeon Siege 3, and that's all that comes to mind in terms of games I want but down own.

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For day 1 (june 30th), looking at the daily deals:

Recettear is not a very good game at all. 

I didn't like Borderlands because the online was a pain to deal with in the early days and that left a bad impression. The quests are also barebones.

Oblivion is great but with the sequel coming in the winter, might as just wait.

The Witcher 2 at 33 bucks is ok but wait till winter when it will be under 20.

Lead and Gold is a Team Fortress type of game set in the Wild West. Interested somewhat but no friends to play it with.

Medal of Honor was ok, but honestly everything is about MW2 and BF2.

Bit Trip Runner I'm buying. I'm not much of a strait platformer person but this one was fun at a friend's house. At less that 3 bucks it's a no brainer.

Im curious about Vampires Masquerade bloodlines but I don't know a soul who has played it. Anyone have any  comments on this game?

I don't have anything to say on the other games.

Just a few days left and the damage hasn't been too bad. There have been some I wanted to buy but my rule is $10 or less and only if I actually plan to play it this year.

Lost Planet 2: This should have been $5. What a joke. Capcom games are overly priced in this summer sale for no real reason. LP2 bombed, lower the price already. No sale.

Two Worlds 2: Too expensive. I don't know the reason, but since it's release early this year the price has been kept artificially high at 40 or 50 dollars. The sale brought it down to 15 or 20, but that's still too high. No sale.

Alpha Protocol: It was 5 bucks but not that exited about playing an espionage game. I like the branching morality choices a lot, but didn't buy because I don't have enough time this year to play it.

Still haven't seen Portal 2 on sale yet.

Games bought during this sale:

Bit Trip Runner: cheap and looks like fun. 3 bucks.

Stalker Part 1 and 3: Curious and 8 bucks total. It will be a while though I think. Hydrophobia and Amnesia need to be played first.

I'll probably pick up Audio surf for $1.50 but the problem with that game is that it uses your music collection to create the levels. 



I have no music collection what so ever. Here is the only music I have, and it's on my phone:

50 piano concertos

4 muse songs

2 lady gaga covers

Les Miserables Original Soundtrack

Rocky Horror Picture show Soundtrack

The new lady gaga album because it was $1 on amazon

A country cd because i saw them perform at the farmer's market

That is my entire music collection. I don't think audio surf will rock to Dammit, Janet. 

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