Forum Thread: Hardest system to setup?

Out of the Wii, PS3, and 360, I found them all to be a pain to setup out of the box.

For the PS3 and 360, there were about 80 options you needed to setup before you could reach the menu. Create Account, username, password, email, system update, etc.. It just isn't very user friendly to first timers. If you simply wanted to plug it in and play a disc right away you can't. The most frustrating bit was the choosing a username that wasn't taken and typing in an email/pw with the controller.

I'm sure for first time users and non gamers that would leave a sour taste on the first day.

Which one in particular did you not care for in setting up?

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2 Responses

I only have experience setting up an Xbox360 and I didn't find it to be that hard, though my opinion is a bit biased since I tend to do well at these kinds of things.  Having to create an account and all that became a bit tedious, especially (as you mentioned) considering you can't type anything in (and instead have to use a joystick to select letters).  I also had a hard time getting the sound to work with my TV at first.

Kind of frustrating, but it paid off. By far my favorite gaming system to date.  All I need now is a wireless adapter (rather than stretching a 15" ethernet cable across my room) and I'll be good to go.

I hope that new MS wireless adapter is better than their old one. I had one and it was a pain, it doesn't play nice with some older linksys adapters. My 360 is right next to my router now so i have a cable connection.

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