Forum Thread: Games you have up half way through?

Prince of Percia (Open ended world became boring too quickly)

Call of Juarez: Bound for Blood ( Excellent game but up to a certain point it was enough)

Final Fantasy 12 (Incredible production values, watered down story with no direction)

Brutal Legend ( Great writing, presentation, voice acting, bland gameplay)

Infinite Undiscovery (Just too long. Great Story though)

Fallout 3 (Spend 100+ hours on sidequests and exploring but only did the first two chapters in the main story)

Tiger Woods '10 ( Stopped playing it my personal stats started to go down ;_;)

That's all I can think of. Any games where you just stopped caring?

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6 Responses

CoD5 - actually, never got past first few levels. Multiplayer is just so much more fun than regular levels. Same goes for CoD4, but others may disagree.

Forza 3 - love the game, but it's taking me a while to complete. End up spending way too much time playing it so I just stopped.

I finally obtained a copy of Modern Warfare 2 for XB360. I really hope I can get used to the controller... I'm more of a keyboard+mouse type of guy

With Modern Warfare and Battlefield 2, I've only gotten past a few levels in the single player. Got the games to play with friends, but so far our designated Friday FPS Night is shaky with not enough people showing up. We had a great TF2 group going but we've sort of moved on from it.

I have forza 2 with the whole MS Wheel setup and loved it to death. You're right, you can spend so much time on it, especially when a single race can take go past 40 minutes in lenght. I didn't get 3 because of the huge time sink and with so many games coming out that winter one had to pick and choose.

I'm the opposite with control preference. Even on PC, I still use a 360 controller. TF2, L4D, and other games on the PC I play with the controller since my pc is hooked up to the TV and I'm seven feet away on the couch. I play MW, Dragon Age, and Battlefield with Mouse+KB though, but those are the only exceptions.

Fallout 3 is the only game I've played recently that I didn't see through to the finish.  I think I also did something similar with Oblivion, mainly because those non-linear games tend to bore me easily from the large amount of content available. (Kind of counterintuitive).  I tend to see linear games through to the finish because you are pushed along.

I use GameFly so a lot of the games I play are for a pretty short amount of time. I typically beat the single player mode of the game, play a few rounds of multiplayer, and then return it.  So by that definition, I quit almost every game I play.  Except MW2 and BF:BC2 because those games are fantastic.

Yeah I didn't beat Oblivion either.  The only other thing I did was impress people at how far away I could kill a deer with my bow and arrow.

Funny how I never played Oblivion. When it came out my PC couldn't handle it. By the time I got a new one, there were newer games I wanted to play...

Sidenote: been playing MW2 for a few days and besides being thrown around the world (single player), I think the game is pretty damn good. I may even finish it before I get Bad Company 2

Definitely get Bad Company 2.  The destruction engine in that game is amazing.

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