Forum Thread: Anybody use GameFly?

Is it the best? I'm thinking I only ever play a game once, so why should I buy when I can rent.

Feedback appreciated.

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2 Responses

I've used it for most of last year. It's actually quite good.

for new and upcoming releases, unless you've had it in your queue for months before it comes out, expect to wait around 3-6 weeks for that game. best way to avoid this is putting the game coming out on top of your queue weeks in advance. This is probably the only negative in the service, if you can call it that.

The rest of gamefly is great! New releases only account for a tiny fraction of their catalogue, so that means there are thousands of games ready to be sent out to you without waiting. You can go through a system's catalogue at your own pace and play games that you wanted to play but didn't want to buy.

One neat feature is that they are always selling most of the games they play at a steep discount. Most of the games that you play you can pay to keep and even buy games directly without having to rent them first. So not only do you get to rent the game, but if you actually love it, there is a good posibility of a great discount. Once you buy it, they send you the game box and manual too. This way you can build a small library of games without having to hit or miss by buying before trying.

What plan to get is up to you. If you don't care about playing the newest games coming out without fail, then the one game plan is for you. You go at your own pace and because you are playing games that are not new releases, you'll probably never be stuck in a waiting queue. If you do want to play the latests games, then the 2-3 game plan is better.

In my opinion, GameFly is the only way to go when it comes to gaming.  If you play a lot of games, it's a lot cheaper to use it rather than to shell out $50 every time a new game comes out.

The only downside that I've found is getting games early.  There really is no pre-order service for GameFly, so you are really just hoping you're at a high place in the queue.  In addition, most popular games / new releases are taken for a while, so you'll end up sitting in the queue without a game.

Based on that, I think it really just depends on your style.  If you're all about getting the game early and jumping right into the action, then perhaps buying it is right for you. But for me, using GameFly makes more sense considering I don't play games much longer than a few months (if that).

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