Forum Thread: What are you playing June 2010 edition

Played Red Dead Redemption multiplayer last night with Mark for the first time. God, do they make you feel like a level 1 noob from the beginning!

First thing I do is call my horse and I get this thing instead:

What are you playing June 2010 edition

lol. I guess you can't strut your stuff until later on.

I called my donkey "Thunder Donkey" to feel better about the whole thing but it looks more like the donkey of shame.

First thing we did was to try to take out a hideout of criminals by ourselves. We made a posse and called it "Thunder Balls". Or at least in my mind, I might not have mentioned it to Mark. I guess thunder was a theme for the night.

Nearing the bandits we rode in with our donkeys shooting and not really hitting anything. So much for killing in style. Once we got off the donkeys Mark killed me. Few minutes later, it was me with the 'oops'. We probably died a dozen times during that raid, but it was a lot of fun.

What are you playing June 2010 edition

We did two or three more bandit camps and got better each time. On one I don't think we died and on another just once or twice. The hideouts were fun because they mixed things up. Sometimes in the middle you'll get ambushed out of nowhere and sometimes you have to take an item somewhere and not just kill everyone. Overall good times.

One thing I didn't like about multiplayer was how desolate the towns looked. It's all empty. There are no npcs in town, just you and the players.

The menus for multiplayer are somewhat confusing. Some can be accessed by the select button and some by the start, so you have to remember which button and under which topic your selection is under. You're also randomly spawned in different locations, reguardless of how far you have progressed in the game. You can fast travel, but i'd be nice if we could pick the location beforehand.

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Am I.. being stalked by Chris Kelly?

On Sunday, while looking for information, we met.

So this Chris Kelly is going after the highly coveted online geek culture? He must have learned we vote in droves of 3's and 5's. I bet he's still at AppBrain, happily smiling at the apps choices available to you. I wonder if he's campaigning evenly between the Android, Apple, and MS Apps websites?

At lunch right now, browsing the forums for info, we met again..

What's up with these Democrats and their stalking ways?! He's on a gaming forum lol. Whoever is his marketing director is having a good laugh at his expense.

Since Sunday I've been trying to think of who he reminded me of and it finally clicked today: An older version of Jimmy Kimmel

Been playing Red Dead Redemption for the last few days. Out of the total 30 or so story missions I had only done four. The rest of the time was spent on endlessly going after bounties. I've beaten a few more story driven missions and it's a mixed bag.

On one early mission, you get to a ranch that is being attacked by bandits. This is a ranch that I've always gone to in my travels between bounties. I would stop to rest and save or break a horse for money. I know this ranch. I can get to it without a map. In this mission, the bandits were there first and had killed/hanged most of the people there, and only the women were left as hostages. During the mission to save them the women of the ranch, now severely scarred and emotional, make an impression on the player that things are not going to be the same.

After the bandits were killed and the mission over, I returned the next day to the ranch to see the effects of the mission on the place. I was expecting to see just a few women when before there were many, lamenting or mourning. Maybe a grave or two. Sadly to my surprise, everything was as if nothing ever happened. Men, women, conversations, everything was the same. What a huge disappointment.

It really takes you out of the game when your actions have no permanent meaning in the game. It's cheap and lazy to reset everything instead of continuing with the consequences of your actions. Fallout 3 is not the most polished game out there, but when things happened there, it stayed that way. That's what is great about that world, it changes over time. Red Dead is more like an eternal sandbox where everything stays the same.

Anyone have any strategies on leveling up quickly in multi player in Red Dead? The milestones you have to pass are insane:

1. Get to level 50.

2. Become Legend, start at level 1 and get to 50 again.

3. Do step 2 four more times.

lol. This game is really going to have long legs. There is a title for a person that walks a 100 miles, etc.. A 100 miles of walking in the game? Has anyone walked 100 miles in their life?

I also don't know how to unlock characters in multiplayer. Do they come from challenges or just leveling? The strategy guide doesn't say anything and not much info on the net yet.

I gave up on Red Dead Redemption multiplayer.  I felt like it had a lot of potential, but the game modes really aren't that fun.  Right now I'm playing a lot of Rock Band 2 (not sure why...just decided to pull it out).  No new games worth playing at the moment, so I added Left 4 Dead 2 and Bad Company 2 to my Gamefly queue since I never actually got them on the XBox.

On multi player I usually setup a private game for myself, summon my thunder donkey, and go take out two hide outs. So far I haven't gotten tire of it yet, it's a nice stress reliever if you just want to kill things. I find that using red eye is boring, it's a lot more fun to do it free hand so you can see the death animations better.

I get what your saying though, there should be more game modes, including the ability to play poker with others!

Honestly, I thought it'd be awesome if there was an open world level where you could raise a farm with your farm staff (bringing in the missions of herding cattle, catching horses, etc).  And then having to fend off enemy farms/clans/bandits that decide to raid yours.

Such as Farmers vs Bandits, where you have to keep your farm alive and fend off the Bandits team whose goal it is to destroy everything in your farm. 

Almost like Age of Empires but not an RTS.  There'd be huge potential here.

Yeah they really missed the chance to incorporate some really addicting sim stuff. It was in development for five years, you think they would find the time for this.

You mentioned Rock Band 2, we're also going to get back to it. It's been months since we touched it. We couldn't find the Mic last week so we got Lips for 34 bucks. It's kind of weird that a stand alone 360 wireless mic is 32 dollars but the Lips game + 2 wireless controllers is 34 dollars.

Personally I liked the music selection in RB 1 a lot better than RB 2.  I'm really looking forward to 3 though, I hope all the instruments are sturdier and are wireless.

Yeah! I can't wait for RB3.  The piano looks basically like the real thing, so it'll give me a chance to learn how to play some songs. 

And wow, nice job with the Lips thing. I probably would have just wasted my money on the standalone.

Don't bother getting the Lips mics if you want to use them for Rock Band. Found out yesterday they were not compatible lol. I looked on the net and a year long patch to fix this has not come out yet. Too bad though, those mics are great. So someday, but not today.

Finished Red Dead over the weekend, review coming tomorrow. I can say that I was angry at the way the game ended, but in a good way. I am not good with these type of endings but it did leave an impression on me. Because I don't watch western movies, I don't know what else to compare it to, but the ending for Red Dead reminded me a lot of the way Bruce Lee movies end.

I didn't like Red Dead as a sandbox game, but  it excels if you think of it as an adventure game. I don't know if I like or hate Red Dead at this point, but as an experience I would recommended to anyone looking for a change of pace from whatever they are playing.

Now with Alan Wake and Red Dead out of the way, I thought my next game would be Resonance of Fate, from Tri-Ace. A relatively small jrpg release, it must be doing relatively well to still be $60 after a few months of release. Usually with these titles, the price would be $30-$40 by now. Even FF13 is $40 right now. Is it worth the full price? Tri-Ace titles are a gamble. I liked their Infinite Undiscovery to a point, but I hated their Star Ocean:" The Last Hope with a passion.

At lunch I was browsing some trailers and I watched this one for NHL 11:

Um, it was ok. I don't know anything about hockey so I couldn't get too hyped but looking down the list of comments this made me lol:

Gamers: the most honest people in the world, just not the best at channeling disappointment.

This steam sale is killing us. Picked up Killing Floor at Mark's recommendation and dammit if it isn't all kinds of awesome.

It's a 6 player Co-op game that's a more streamlined and darker version of Left 4 Dead. There is no real story or narrative to follow. You simple drop in a game of up to 6 players and survive wave after wave of zombie hordes.

What sets this apart from the rest is how fast everything is. Quick menus and get you to start or find a game quickly. Easy to switch classes and the transitions between waves are timed so you don't waste time lingering. If you loose you're ported over to a team screen and a countdown for the next map begins. It's like a counter strike or team fortress game more than a Left 4 Dead clone.

This game also has a character leveling system. Level up your medic or sniper, there are 6 to 8 classes you can pick. You can also buy weapons between levels or drop money for people that need it.

Last night we had a blast playing it. We were awful, but there were also a lot of newbies, so we all blended in. I managed to map the game to my 360 controller and it plays beautifully with it.

It's on sale on steam. Not 5 dollars cheap as it was on friday, but at 10 bucks? Yeah it's a no brainer, go get it!

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was a bit disappointing. Picked it up for five dollars from the Steam sale and played the first chapter or two. It's too early to judge the game on the story, etc.. but it's not on game play.

The problem with this game is the lack of feedback on shooting and kills. When you shoot at a person or target, there is no sound effect tied to it to let you feel like you've hit something. There is also no prominent animation when you take a person down. So in the end what you get is an enemy that just falls to the floor like a paper doll. One important aspect in shooters is the way targets react to your shots. Having no visual or sound feedback is a big negative in the satisfaction of killing in the game. 

Compare that to games that do it right. A recent game like Red Dead Redemption is a good example. When you shoot an enemy you see the blood stains and animations, sometimes the enemy stops or falls, depending on the hit. When you hit them hard enough or head shot them, they spin and fall to the ground. Besides killing an enemy, seeing how they are affected by your shots and their death animations is half the fun. Kane & Lynch doesn't have this type of feedback and it makes it a bit boring.

I read the other day that Bruce Willis will play one of the main characters in the film adaption of Kane & Lynch. Great casting grab, but I'm not interested at all to see the movie.

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