News: Shadows of the Dammed Trailer

Shadows of the Dammed Trailer

Remember Grindhouse, the Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez homage to B films? Well this game is just like that. It could literally pass off as the third feature in that movie. The action looks clunky, the acting is not the best, but it still looks like a fun ride. It comes out tomorrow (June 21st) and I'll have first impressions ready the next day.

If it looks so bad why pick it? Well I'm a sucker for the 'rescue someone from hell because they committed suicide' stories I think. First thing in mind is comparing their version of hell to the Divine Comedy, seeing what they borrowed and what interpretations are new.

 Second is how the game addresses suicide. Remember that Robin Williams film, What Dreams May Come? It's basically the same premise: Husband goes to hell to bring his wife back after she committed suicide. I like how they handled suicide in that movie and their explanation: That the reason people who have killed themselves can never leave hell is because they are mentally broken and can't face the reality of what they have done. The ones keeping them in hell are themselves.  

I have a feeling that the game will be shallow in those respects, but hey, you have to believe. 

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