News: What type of gamer are you? Part 2

What type of gamer are you? Part 2

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lol. Those are the perfect descriptions for most people on gaming boards! I would add :

8: The console warrior: The company or system of your choice can do no wrong and you love this brand/company so much that you refuse to get a competitor's system under any circumstances. It's no longer about the games, it's personal.

9. The hardcore casual. A person heavily invested in socially addicting games outside of the traditional console and hardcore pc gaming genre. Anything made by PopCap, Facebook Games, Flash games, people who play games from these religiously can be considered hardcore casual.

10. The portable gamer. Only plays on cellphones, iphones, DS, psps. These systems are enough for the player who prefers portability and bite size gaming. Perfect for commuting types and people who can appreciate smaller games for their core mechanics.

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