Starcraft 2 Release Date: July 27th

July 27th

Starcraft 2 has been given a release date of July 27th, aka Blizzard finally releases something!

Starcraft 2 Release Date: July 27th

That's an actual in game screenshot..

I've preordered the game via Amazon and waiting for the beta code to be emailed to me so I can try it out.


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Oh wow, didn't know they were giving beta keys out through Amazon now. I haven't played the Beta in a while, but the game is really looking good. I played it at both Blizzcons, and the progress I've seen is incredible.

Now if only they'd release a single player level to the beta....:\

I haven't gotten my beta code yet (it takes a few days), but from what I played from the beta at a friend's house, you can sort of play single player. When you create a game, add a cpu opponent right away and then start the game. The only negative is that the only difficulty setting for the cpu opponent is 'very easy'. It does wonders for your ego, but not much else.

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