Red Dead: Bring back a live bounty easily

Bring back a live bounty easily

Bring back a live bounty without chases.

There is always a bandit pursuit whenever you try to bring in a live bounty in Red Dead Redemption. If you kill the initial wave of bandits, more appear seconds later. They can kill your horse or your bounty, and if you can't outrun them, it's going to be a very messy return.
Here is a way to bring back a live bounty without triggering  chasing bandits:

  • After you take the lackeys out, drag the gang leader to town. 
  • Do not tie him up in any way, just keep him roped while on your horse and take him near town.
  • Once you are near town, get off your horse and tie him up properly & turn him in. The bandits will not trigger because you're near town.
  • Keep a decent trot to take your bounty to town. If you go too fast your capture will die from being dragged too fast. Stay on the roads if possible. If you're going through rough terrain go a bit slower.
  • If you take your catch inside the town while being dragged the whole town or ranch will panic. Everyone will point their weapons at you. They don't consider a catch safe until it's tied.

One mistake in the video was not to wait till we were on the road to call the horse. Between rocks and obstacles is tricky. Drag your capture into a road before calling your horse to make things easier. You could also just capture the target from a horse in the first place, avoiding this whole mess.

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