News: Play Kinect today!

Play Kinect today!

Play Kinect at the four Microsoft stores around the US right now! You can even play Dance Central!

From 1up:

If you're itching to play Kinect, you don't have to wait until it launches this fall. The official Microsoft Store Twitter account tweeted today: "Can't wait to play #Kinect? Try it at #MicrosoftStores nationwide!" The company is using the word "nationwide" a bit loosely, though, since physical Microsoft stores are only in four locations, on or near the west coast. But if you happen to live around Scottsdale, Arizona, Mission Viejo, California, San Diego, California, or Lone Tree, Colorado, you could conceivably go try out Kinect today.

I think I'll wait. the closest one to me is san diego. Great Idea for Microsoft. There is a Sony Store near me, I hope Sony takes a cue and starts showing Move too, I really want to try it out.

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