News: Life in 30 Seconds!

Life in 30 Seconds!

Sitting around thinking about my average sexual performance, I wondered if there were other things in life that were also 30 seconds long. I was extremely relieved that such things were possible! These 30 second movies are the mobile text equivalent to major films or projects. From film to parody to games, it looks like you can really recap everything in half a minute! So stop checking your texts on every red light, give your thumbs a rest and check these out instead! 

Underdog formula finally unmasked!

This recap also works with the movie 300:

Songs are usually 2 minutes. That's too long! Thankfully this song comes at just 30 seconds, much better than these 2 minute "Operas"!

They should have said Unpossible!

Obligatory awesome Star Wars recap!

What!? Even games are 30 seconds? At least now this topic is now semi-gaming related!

Life in 30 seconds? well why not.

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