News: Joe Danger on PSN

Joe Danger on PSN

A cartoony, "Trials HD"-type  game being released today. It's multiplayer so you can take on people at home or online. Looks like a lot of fun. You can also create your own levels. Here is an excerpt from the Game Informer review:

It's a rare feat. Building a game that entertains after the first minute is hard enough, but creating one that is equally entertaining after the first hour, day, and week – now that's hard. The team at fledgling Hello Games did exactly that with PSN downloadable title Joe Danger, a rollicking good time that never ceases to entertain, combining genres and game styles into an addictive synthesis that can appeal to the youngest and most casual gamers just as much as the devoted, hardcore crowd.

Wow, sounds like one of those pay-to-say anything movie critics that bad movies always get their quotes from like "Fun for the whole family" or " So funny!! I couldn't stop laughing!". But this does look like a good game, according to Metracritic, it has an 89 score of combined reviews. If you don't have Modnation Racers then this would be perfect.

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