News: The Internet as a Map

The Internet as a Map

The Internet as a Map

Probably one of the coolest things I have seen on the net. That crazy guy at xkcd have made a visual map representation of the internet based on user activity. Click on the picture for a a better look because this map is huge!

Wow at Facebook. I guess that's the type of of properly 500 million users get you.

What is Happy Farm and why is it so huge? Is that actually a game or something?

What's QQ? Is that just a gamer joke ( when people whine it's usual for people to respond with QQ).

4 Chan is huge! Must be a lot of lurkers because almost no one publicly claims to go there.

My favorite is the "Northen Wasteland of Unread Updates". More like unneeded updates. Yes, I'm looking at you Adobe.

Hmm.. Load Save is not on that map.. ;_;

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A few corrections: xkcd is made by a single guy, Randall Munroe.
Second: xkcd should be spelled "xkcd", not "XKCD" unless it's important to capitalize the word and/or first letter.
Lastly, the map is a representation of socializing, such as playing, reading, chatting and so forth. So the useless adobe updates (I agree on that point) ain't a factor.

1. You're right, I checked the about section of the website and it's made by a single person.
2. True too, but actually in their main page, right under their main logo, they also capitalize all the letters and that's where I took it from. But you know, it looks like they capitalized the entire sentence! I'll edit to make them lowercase though, that does look like the correct way to write it, thank you.
3. Well yes, the adobe updates and other jokes in there like bay of flame or sea of zero comments are just for a laugh. Just wanted to point out the humor that was inserted between all of the possible research he did in creating this map.

Have you guys seen the one he did a few years ago? It's radically different - MySpace rules that map, and blogs are just a tiny island. It'll be interesting to see what the map looks like in 2013.

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