News: Huge Steam Summer Sale!!!

Huge Steam Summer Sale!!!

Huge Steam Summer Sale!!!

There is a huge steam sale going on for the next week and a half. 33%, 50%, 66%, 95% off most games!! Every day until July 4th they will also have daily deals, where certain games get discounted even more!

Currently (thanks to Neogaf for a clean list of titles):

THQ Pack @ 50% ($49.99)
Valve Complete Package @ 33% ($66.99)
Rockstar Collection @ 18% ($69.99)
33% off on all Ubisoft titles
66% off on all Atari titles
33% off on all Capcom titles
Daily deals for June 24, 2010:
Counter-Strike: Source @ 66% off ($6.80)
Aion Standard Edition @ 50% off ($19.99)
Killing Floor @ 75% off ($5.00)
Unreal Deal Pack @ 66% off ($13.60)
Bioshock 2 @ 50% off ($14.99)
Trine @ 80% off ($4.00)
Dirt 2 @ 75% off ($10.00)

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut $6.79
KB: Armored princess $7.49KB: Gold Edition $9.99
Defense Grid: The Awakening $4.99
Killing Floor $5.00
Painkiller: Black Edition $4.99
Cryostasis $3.24
Mount and Blade: Warband $14.99

Personally? I've picked up The Witcher. I've been meaning to get this game for a long time now, especially for the additions and upgrades added to the director's cut:

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did mark send you this sale? :P

You better hope he doesn't know about this yet! Come home, sit him down, and put a limit on what he can spend before it's too late. The last time they had a sale like this six months ago it was really nuts and people spent a lot of money, including me.

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