News: Future Cops - Hong Kong Street Fighter trailer

Future Cops - Hong Kong Street Fighter trailer

Ok, this is a dumb movie. It's really, really, really dumb. But it's one of my favorites precisely because it's so stupid.

In this movie:

  • Cops from the future transform into various Street Fighters because of various microchips that are invented and implanted in them. 
  • These particular cops travel back into the 1990s.
  • To protect a loser student who's still in high school at 28.
  • Who's going to grow up to be an important judge.
  • Who will imprison an evil guy who breaks out of future jail.
  • To go to the past to make the loser student insane (because apparently you can't kill people in the past since history has already been changed, but you can mess with their minds). 

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