News: Funny iPhone Fiasco Parody

Funny iPhone Fiasco Parody

This is probably the funniest video I've seen this year, they really don't hold anything back. Things you'll see in the video, based on real events:

  • Steve Jobs taking the role of the Emperor from Bill Gates, earning the truth distortion field.
  • Jobs breaking into Jason Chen's house and taking care of him personally.
  • Jobs at the Apple factory in China as people commit suicide from bad working conditions and depression.
  • People in chains to their AT&T contract.
  • A person complains about lost bars gets his fingers cut off to get more reception and thanks Emperor Jobs.
  • Jobs losing his truth distortion field because of Consumer Reports.
  • In the press conference, he stomps on competitor's phones, literally!
  • Crowd is happily fooled, he gets his distortion field back.

The animation is brought to you by Next Media Animation. NMA creates CGI videos to recreate scenes for news in Taiwan. From their website:

Liven up your video news with animated graphics from Next Media Animation. We create colorful, eye-catching and informative animated graphics each day for TV news and websites around the world. 

Not all their videos are over the top. Here is a typical video they make for news programs:

Not so exiting when dealing with local news, but the gloves come off when it comes to international news and sensations. Here is their breakaway hit, the Tiger Woods video recreation:

One of my favorites is the Leno-Conan fiasco:

Hulk Conan! Let's hope Pixar asks NMA to create a short animation for their next major film. Maybe one based on Mel Gibson's tapes!

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