News: Force Unleased 2 Comic Con Preview

Force Unleased 2 Comic Con Preview

If you want Star Wars, look to the games and not the movies to satisfy your hunger. The original Force Unleashed was a great game and a surprise hit. Later next year another Star Wars MMO will debut from Bioware. Maybe the Star Wars novels are also  a good source for Star Wars material, but that's a realm I know nothing about.

This video has developer commentary on where they plan to take the story in the sequel. I like it but I'm also worried that it will lose some of the audience. Lots of movies and video games use a sequel to do a darker take on the original and that can produce mixed results. Kingdom Hears and Prince of Persia are recent ones that come to mind. 

If you haven't tried the original Force Unleashed I highly recommend it. Great game play, story, and out for any system (PC, 360, PS3) for a very cheap price now.

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