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Ugh. I'm in this camp now that my XBox 360 up & died on me.

Ouch. How many 360's have you gone through (I'm on #3) Do you play on the PC at all?

I usually do most of my multiplayer on the PC and just L4D2 the 360 (to play with my cousins), and play the exclusives and some sports titles on the PS3, so it's a toss up.

Yeah, PC's the only option now. I don't game nearly as often as I used to.

I just went through 1 360... Haven't been able to bring myself to the point of shelling out more money for another... though the online experience for the 360 definitely trumps the PS3. Social integration is just way better on XBL.

Well I guess you don't have to game on the PC anymore, PSN is back up in the US. New firmware, etc..

Smart on not buying another 360. I can't believe just how bad the RRoD problem was. I got one and it's died twice (hence my 3rd), but each time they just sent a replacement.

Mine lasted long enough to not qualify for a replacement anymore. PSN is back, but the store isn't, so still no Portal 2 for me. (I know I could go buy the disk, but physical media just seems so last decade).

ah so you got the deal of PS3+ Free PC copy for $35 last month? Very nice.
Yeah same on media. My gaming PC doesn't have a dvdrom or anything type of rom, it's all steam or other DD sites.

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