News: Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked

Progression, isn't it great?

Achievement Unlocked

It used to be that video games only rewarded you with game scores. The satisfaction was always at the end, and all that mattered was getting there.

Nowdays it's more Kerouac-esque,where the journey matters more than the end game. Getting there is now fun. Games like shooters are fighters are implementing experience based gameplay where there was only mindless fun before. Call of Duty, Battlefield 2, and other games now have rewards that traditional rpgs have had for ages. Taken down five people, earn a reward. Play twenty matches, earn another reward. Little by little you are rewarded for things and it looks like we can continue the tradition with Load Save!

Let's see. Write 5 more, Pin 5 more, Pin 6 more, start 5 more, get 5 more, and add 5 more items! Alright, it's a game! Did you know that for each task you complete you get a Wonderhowto Achivement in your profile? Here is the breakdown (the requirement is in parenthesis):

Achievement Unlocked: Blog Overlord (Write 5 more posts to Admin Blog)

Achievement Unlocked: A Little Corky (Pin 5 more posts to the Public Corkboard)

Achievement Unlocked:It's Me Me Me! (Pin 6 more posts to your Admin Picks)

Achievement Unlocked: A Troll in the Making (Start more threads in the Forum)

Achievement Unlocked: More Replies than Real Life Friends (Get 5 more people to reply in the forum)

Achievement Unlocked:I can has Links? ( Add 5 more Useful Links)

And when your progress bar hits a 100%, you unlock this baby:

Achievement Unlocked: What Happened to my Life?

Looking forward to it!

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lol, now I'm at 27%

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