News: The $2,400 Video Card

The $2,400 Video Card

For $2400 this thing might as well be covered in diamonds and friend chicken.

Looking to blow a month or two of rent on something less responsible? Sure, rent might put a roof over your head but it never gave you 49.99 frames per second on Crysis.

Meet the  $1200 Asus Ares:

The $2,400 Video Card

The $2,400 Video Card

From Engadget:

a $1200 limited edition, fully custom board, sporting twin Radeon HD 5870 GPUs, four gigabytes of GDDR5 memory and practically enough raw copper to smelt a sword.We're not joking: the thing weighs nearly five pounds and requires a 750 watt power supply with three power connectors (two 8-pin, one 6-pin) to even run.

So there you have it. Twin 5870's and twice the ram? Even one 5870 is a monster.

The $2,400 Video Card

So why the $2400 figure? Well, because like any self respecting person that has already made peace with shelling out $1200 on a video card, buying a second one to Crossfire (Connecting two video cards to run as one, doubling the power) is a logical choice (logical as in you already went insane in buying this thing, might as well go all the way). So with two at $2400 dollars, what kind of beastly performance does that give you?

The $2,400 Video Card

The $2,400 Video Card

Well worth it in my opinion. Foolish people might spend that money on a trip to Europe, a cruise ship, all inclusive vacations, Lisa needs braces, small wedding, trip to Vegas, mail order brides, gold bars for the apocalypse, etc.. But people who know the real value of money will know that this video card is the real deal, no hesitation to buy needed.

Thanks to Neogaf for the heads up!

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